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Candy Box Original

Candy Box Original

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Our Candy Box Original contains a whole load of goodies.  All the items inside have been hand picked to give you a great selection of Britain's favourite treats.

This Candy Box contains:- Hubba Bubba Outrageous Original, Stinger Chew Bar, Flump, Refresher Bar Original, Refresher Bar Strawberry, Wine Gummies, Drumstick Original, Vimto Original Chew Bar, Rainbow Drops, Refresher Sour Apple, Rainbow Dust Straws, Brain Licker, Flic N Lic, Candy Sour Jawbreaker, Candy Sour Jawbreaker, Strawberry Jawbreaker, Candy Cans, Candy Factory Bubble Rubblez, Millions Tube Strawberry, Drumstick Lolly Original, Drumstick Lolly Bubblegum, Double Lolly, Vimto Lolly, Fruit Salad, Black Jack, Haribo Supermix, Haribo Starmix, Haribo Tangfastics.

Some of the items above have more than one of them included.